Silicone Bags Food Storage Bags

Unlike normal food grade plastic bags, Silicone bags are microwave-, oven-, freezer- and boiling water-safe. Silicone bags are also great for storing dry and liquid food in or out of the freezer.
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Silicone Bags Food Storage Bags

The Silicone bags come airtight sealed and could be a bit hard to open the bags when you try to open them for the first time. The sliding tab can also feel like it is dragging or hard to slide on/off to open and close the silicone bag. No worries. This is normal for new Silicone storage bags.

All you need to do is soak them in a little bit of warm-soapy water and open them slowly while the bags are still submerged to in the soapy water. This will help to avoid ripping or tearing the bags if you try to open them up forcefully.

Reusable Silicone Bags

These silicone bags are perfect for packing school lunches. Unlike ziploc plastic bags, silicone bags can be reused and lasts for long time.

Silicone Freezer Bags

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