Why Do PP Packaging Box Manufacturers Drive High-transparent Materials?

- Dec 10, 2018-

        Why do the current shoe and apparel merchants like to find PP packaging box manufacturers to produce clothing packaging boxes? This is also because of the soft, lightweight, environmentally friendly functions of PP packaging materials. The relatively soft PP material has little damage to cotton, polyester and other clothing products. Don't worry about filling the goods. There is a scraping situation.

       When the packaging technology has not developed new materials, the merchants use the paper box or directly use the hanger to hang the goods on the shelf. Both storage aspects have some drawbacks, such as: the carton can not see the products inside the package. The appearance of the product can only be judged by the packaging printing pattern, and the paper box is not resistant to corrosion and water resistance, so in order to solve these problems, many manufacturers are troubled.

      After a sophisticated market survey and visits to major shopping malls, Shenzhen Xin Hong Yang Packaging Systems Co., Ltd. developed a transparent, softer PP material. At present, the transparency of the PP packaging box on the market is not so high. Just like a layer of white fog can not clearly see the products inside the package, the consumer's shopping experience is not so good, thus affecting sales. Now our high-transparency PP packaging box has been approved by consumers for market segmentation, and the improved packaging box is not only used in the footwear industry, but also is made of environmentally friendly materials and can be sold directly as a food packaging box. At the same time, there is no need to worry about the problem that the new material is not easy to be inked. The packaging manufacturer has a new printing machine and environmentally friendly ink to solve this problem, and the effect is just as good.

     Product packaging design and production is often not a single design stage, many of them need PP packaging box custom manufacturers for a long time of development, perfection, maturity. Therefore, relevant personnel should constantly review their performance in the market, reposition them, and constantly compare and adjust them to become mature and stable commodities.