Why Choose A Blister Box To Package Cosmetics

- Apr 16, 2018-

Cosmetic blister packaging

Cosmetic blister packs Blister packs are plastic-type packs. Plastic-type packs are compared to metal packs and glass packs. The difference is that the cooling process of blister sheet molding is simple to use, and the price is low. Recyclable, rot-resistant, light and convenient for consumers to carry. Compared to other packaging plastic blister boxes, it is relatively cheaper. Of course, any packaging has advantages and disadvantages. The value of using blister packs is the most important.

The importance of plastic box packaging is the low cost, light weight, and good packaging. The use of lightweight packaging not only facilitates the consumer to carry, but also can be easily loaded and carried on their own. The cost of packaging is also relatively cheap compared to other types of packaging plastic packaging. There are three types of packaging used in the plastic packaging industry, with protection, sales, or a combination of the two. If both protective packaging and sales packaging are used, they must be designed according to the needs of the product. In fact, as long as the packaging can achieve its original packaging effect as far as the cost can be better grasped in their own hands.