Whether The Reuse Of The Packing Box Is Harmful

- Apr 24, 2018-

       At present, the food packing box has always been to follow the QS as the standard, the production enterprises engaged in the food packaging bottle must have the SQ certificate. But the domestic rubber box enterprises have ignored the safety requirements of the food packaging in order to compress the cost in the process of purchasing, and the small workshop of the food plastic bottles for the festival. The province is not able to recover the waste plastic, and then clean the product as the two processing and production. It is considered that the bottle has a great threat to the health of the human body. In addition, the consumers lack the corresponding storage knowledge for the transparent plastic box bottle, and many plastic bottles have the logo code at the bottom of the bottles, but the people are the common people. I don't even know, especially some older people who keep bottles for storing and flavoring or drinking water.

        In contrast, drinks with glass bottles are getting less and less now, because they are more expensive than plastic bottles, but it is safer to consider this in the long run, and many packaging manufacturers are making glass bottles thinner and thinner, so that there is a safety hazard for the use of children and the elderly.