Where Is The Advantage Of PET Plastic Packaging Box

- Apr 28, 2018-

1, high transparency and smoothness, good display effect;

2, the surface decoration performance is good, can print and suppress the pattern without surface treatment, and vacuum plating metal layer is also easy.

3, corrosion resistance, can withstand the erosion of a variety of chemical substances.

4, safe and hygienic, materials can be recycled, Y ray can be used to sterilize the packaged items, and no waste harmful substances will be produced when burning the waste.

PET is not only used for packaging some high-grade products, but also widely used in food packaging. It belongs to food grade plastic absorbing materials. At the same time, PET sheet is considered to be an ideal packaging material to meet the requirements of ROSH environmental protection. The EU countries require that the material of the plastic products should meet the requirements of ROSH.