What Is The Advantage Of The Transparent Rubber Box?

- Apr 29, 2018-

Transparent plastic box material

Transparent packaging materials: PP, PET, PVC, etc. PP material is characterized by toughness, environmental protection materials, non-toxic, smooth PP, frosted PP, twill PP. PET is the largest consumer choice of packaging materials, which is characterized by high transparency, the plastic box has a bright appearance, a strong appearance, is a green environmental protection material, non-toxic. PVC materials are used for packaging products of high transparency for daily use. Materials are basically customized according to product and customer needs.

There are many kinds of transparent rubber boxes. The design should pay attention to the weight and variety of the packaging products, especially the hook design of the main transparent packaging box, and deduct the design. There is a reasonable design of long and wide, and can be used to print color and technology for the combination of UV offset, silk screen printing, hot stamping, hot silver and other technologies, making the product more upscale and more atmospheric.

The advantage of using transparent boxes

1, transparent plastic box allows consumers to see your products, transparent plastic box packaging products easier to promote products.

2, the transparent packaging box makes the product stand out on the disordered shelf.

3, the transparent packaging box can better display the products and leave a deeper impression on the customers.

4, transparent plastic boxes make products more attractive and add value to products.

5, transparent packing box can enhance the attractiveness of the product.

6, the transparent adhesive box can better display the characteristics of the product, so as to improve the positioning of the product in the market.

7, gift transparent packaging box can effectively promote seasonal product promotion.