What Is A Color Plastic Box?

- Jul 26, 2018-

The color plastic box materials are PVC, PET, PP, APET, etc., which are generally transparent and printed with corresponding ICONS.General PVC plastic box, more used to hold goods, recyclable.Color plastic box is a three-dimensional shape, color plastic box shape design is abstract form.It is composed of the combination, movement, accumulation, folding and enveloping of multiple surfaces.The surface in the three-dimensional composition plays the role of dividing space in space. The surface of different parts is segmented, rotated and folded, and the resulting surface will reflect different emotions.The shape composition of color plastic box should pay attention to the interface relationship between the display surface, side, top and bottom, as well as the embodiment of packaging information elements.

The color plastic box packaging structure should give full play to the forming characteristics of polyhedrons in accordance with the functions and characteristics of commodities, and skillfully use the body language to express the characteristics of commodities and the beauty of packaging.In fact, the structure of color glue box is not only to make a three-dimensional effect diagram of a box, but also involves the process of production, including the plane structure diagram of color PET glue box, the making of knife mould and the molding of paste box, all of which should be considered in the design.This requires the designer to have a good understanding of the structure and technology of color plastic box so that the design can be put into production.

Colorized plastic box is an activity process that conveys plans, plans and ideas visually.Human beings transform the world through labor, create civilization, create material wealth and spiritual wealth, and the most basic and primary creative activity is creation.Colorized plastic box design is the advance planning of 3d design, which can understand the planning technology and planning process of any creation activity as design.The three-dimensional shape of color plastic box can be created and excavated from the direction of vitality, movement, beauty, experience and depth. Meanwhile, we should combine with the formal beauty principles of joint, contrast, proportion, fusion, change and unification to create a vivid and interesting color plastic box packaging model.

The color plastic box design does not make imitation as far as possible, does not resemble other color glue box, but USES new material, new craft, new design, new shape, gives consumer a kind of new feeling.For example, color PP plastic box packaging made of renewable and degradable materials is more popular, which is convenient for consumers and in line with the trend of environmental protection, and sets up a good image for enterprises.Convenient packaging strategy. When designing and purchasing product packaging, enterprises should consider as much as possible to bring convenience to consumers in purchasing, carrying, using, keeping and environmental protection.For the convenience of consumers to buy, enterprises will be different styles, USES, tastes of products, forming a variety of plastic box packaging or combination of plastic box packaging.

To a large extent, color plastic box printing is to its beautiful shape and decoration to promote and beautify the goods, improve the level of goods, and improve the competitiveness of goods.Due to the color of the plastic box structure design and modelling are by package or decoration of goods to determine the shape characteristics, so the style and type is various, cubes and rectangles, multilateral bodies, color box, cylindrical, etc., but basically the same manufacturing process, namely the selection of material, pattern design, template making, stamping molding, product packaging color box, shipment.

Advantages of color plastic box packaging:

1. Good packaging effect of color plastic box. There are many kinds of plastic, easy to be colored and bright color.

2. Easy to be shaped, as long as the mold is changed, different types of containers can be obtained, and mass production can be easily formed. 

3. Good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and impact resistance, and good mechanical strength.

4. The color plastic box packaging can be used transparently. The product style in the package can be seen without opening the package.

5. Color plastic box packaging can be designed with various color patterns and different shapes, so as to improve the level of products and enhance the competitiveness of products.

6. The color plastic box can be made of environment-friendly materials and can be applied to all kinds of environmental protection and food packaging.