What Characteristics Should A Good Box Have?

- Dec 13, 2018-

1. Feeding: Determine the amount of raw materials required by the customer's order quantity, and then carry out the feeding; film cutting: the purchased material is a roll of the factory, which needs to be cut into pieces according to the size of the plastic box. The film is to avoid damage to the finished plastic box during production and transportation;

2. Printing: There are many kinds of printing processes, such as color printing, silk screen printing or hot stamping, hot silver, etc. The specific method is also based on the requirements of customers;

3. Good quality plastic transparent plastic box has no odor. Before buying the plastic box, you must carefully smell whether the paper has a special smell, because the plastic transparent plastic box is to package the cake. For the food, the packaging is still very safe. Importantly, choosing a good quality package is a guarantee for both yourself and the consumer.

4 fold. For the merchant, the most important thing for a good plastic box is the ease of use. You must choose the plastic box that suits you. The faster you fold, the higher the power.