What Basic Exterior Requirements Do Qualified Cartridges Need To Meet?

- Dec 07, 2018-

Rubber box is a kind of cosmetics packaging box, and it is also a common kind of product packaging box we use at present. According to the material, it can be divided into PP, PVC and PET cartridges. According to the type of cartridge, it can be divided into cylinder cartridge, square cartridge, special-shaped cartridge, soft cartridge, beer film and so on. PPC, PVC and PET / APET are used as materials to process the outer packing boxes of products through a series of processes such as printing, die cutting and sticking boxes. There are many manufacturers of cartridges. What basic external needs do qualified cartridges need to meet?

I. Basic Appearance Requirements

1. Surface: no dirt, whiteness, scratches, bruises, breakage, blistering, cape, bumps.

2. Hygiene: No odor, large amount of wool, dust, deformation affecting appearance and assembly, and white appearance on the front.

3. No breakage or cracking, irregular cutting, and less than 0.5 mm edge height.

4. No visible massive dirt, soft or hard scratches or impurities are allowed.

II. Surface Treatment and Graphic Printing Requirements

1. There is no obvious color difference on the surface of the material. The color and brightness of the parts of the product are the same as those of the sample.

2. Printing quality: The content, font, deviation, color and size of the pattern and text should meet the requirements of the standard sample, and the pattern or font should be neat and clear. No obvious font blurring, color difference, shift, rough edge, imprecise overprint, etc.

3. Printing position: 30 ml is not full, the allowable deviation of upper and lower deviation is (+0.5 mm), the deviation of left and right inclination is (+0.25 mm); for those above 30 ml, the allowable deviation of upper and lower deviation is (+0.75 mm), and the deviation of left and right inclination is (+0.25 mm).

Above is the basic appearance requirement that qualified cartridges need to meet. A cartridge can only be qualified if it achieves the above points, because many people choose cartridge packaging because it is lightweight and has a certain degree of beauty. Compared with traditional cartons and other packaging, cartons have the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxicity, high transparency and more intuitive display of the packaging products.