What Are The Characteristics Of Transparent Plastic Boxes For Food?

- Dec 17, 2018-

1. The transparent plastic box of the food has transparency and feasibility: transparency means that the food inside is clearly visible, and the feasibility means that the packaging process is simple and easy.

The transparent plastic packaging box is mainly used in the field of food packaging, with excellent transparency, sealing, rigidity and printability. Its heat resistance is as high as 100 ° C, which meets the requirements of “only a small amount of hexane” in the relevant FDA regulations, and is attractive in the food packaging industry. In addition, the processing speed and efficiency can be improved, the sealing temperature range is wide, the sealing time is reduced, the production speed is increased, and the processing is also easier.

2. Food transparent plastic box has versatility: versatility is to ensure that the product has good barrier properties and mechanical properties.

Researchers have successfully developed a new high-heat-resistant food packaging material, PEN (polyethylene glycol phenolic resin), which is mixed with traditional food packaging material PET (polyethylene terephthalate) to form PEN/PET. New Materials. This material has the advantages of high temperature resistance, brittle resistance, moisture resistance, oxidation resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance. Due to its high temperature resistance, food packaging can be completed in high temperature processing, thus effectively extending the shelf life of the food.

3. The food transparent plastic box has safety: safety means that the product is free from pollution during circulation, use and recycling.

Food packaging materials, which contain antimicrobial preparations, can prolong the shelf life of foods, reduce the amount of preservatives used, and effectively solve the problem of consumers taking more preservatives.

4. Food transparent plastic box is environmentally friendly: environmental protection refers to natural, biodegradable, and easy to recycle.

The company uses a biodegradable natural resin, polylactic acid (PLA), to make an environmentally friendly packaging film. The appearance and performance of this packaging film is the same as that of traditional confectionery packaging films such as cellophane or biaxially oriented polypropylene film. It has excellent transparency, printability and strength, and high barrier properties, which can better preserve candy. Scent.

The Swedish cleaning and ecological cleansing company has developed a new packaging material. Unlike traditional materials, this new packaging material is derived from a well-stocked natural material. After the product is discarded, it will disappear completely after a few hours of sun exposure, which will greatly help solve the problem of “white pollution”.

Japan’s Central Chemical Company has recently successfully developed a special material for environmentally-friendly food packaging containers, CT, which is a new composite material made by adding a certain amount of talc to polypropylene plastic. This material is resistant to high temperatures and is similar in performance to the PSP plastic commonly known as "foam", but its volume is only 1/4 of the latter, making it easy to recycle.

5. Food clear plastic box has consistency: Consistency means that the material consists of a single polymer rather than a multilayer composite.

Food foam plastic product, which uses high viscosity resin, HMSPP (high strength polypropylene), PP (polypropylene) copolymer and low ODP (ozone depleting substance) chemical defoamer to produce FPP with fine micropores (foaming) Polypropylene) sheet, compared with PP sheet with the same performance, can save 20% of raw materials due to low product density, only 0.6kg/m3, which has great economic and environmental benefits.