What Are The Characteristics Of Plastic Box Offset Printing?

- Jul 25, 2018-

What are the characteristics of offset printing?Offset printing adopts automatic assembly line operation, automatic computer control, printing tower drum roll printing, transmission belt automatic transmission disc.To avoid mixing different kinds of CDS, add BASLER R2 to the input side for automatic detection.Offset printing is mainly composed of white background and different proportions of four major basic colors (black, blue, red and yellow) to mix various printing colors.The depth of various colors depends on the length of printing time, printing pressure and printing temperature.The longer the printing time, the darker the color;The greater the printing pressure, the darker the color;The higher the printing temperature, the darker the color.1. Compared with screen printing, offset printing has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality and low cost.High efficiency.Offset printing adopts automatic flow operation, automatic color adjustment, automatic computer monitoring, fast speed, can print 15,000 pieces per hour.High quality.Computer fine-tuning, accurate color adjustment, high precision position.3. Good color effect.Printing gloss oil, color gloss, smooth surface, clear printing effect, not easy to fade.Low cost.Offset printing using roller printing, thin printing layer, less oil.