What Are The Advantages Of The Transparent Plastic Box?

- Apr 26, 2018-

Transparent plastic box refers to the use of transparent PVC, PET, PP plastic packaging material box, the appearance can be observed inside the box carrying goods, its classification can be divided into: PVC transparent plastic box, PP transparent plastic box , PET transparent plastic boxes, etc., can also be divided into: transparent packaging box for baby products, transparent box for electronic products, transparent plastic box for cosmetics, transparent box for daily necessities, transparent packaging box for clothing series, transparent box for tableware, etc. Stationery series transparent box, toy series transparent box, leather holster transparent box and so on. Its characteristics are durable, moisture-proof, waterproof, high toughness, strong transport functions make the product not easily damaged, promote product quality, and promote environmental protection green plastic box.

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Transparent plastic box material

Transparent packaging materials: PP, PET, PVC, PP material is characterized by strong toughness, environmental protection materials, non-toxic, smooth PP, matte PP, twill PP. PET is the most customer-selected packaging material, and its characteristics are high transparency, plastic box has a bright appearance, strong appearance, is a green environmental protection material, non-toxic. PVC materials are used for daily products with high transparency packaging products. Materials are basically customized according to the products and customer needs.

There are many designs of transparent plastic boxes. The design should focus on the weight and variety of packaged products, especially the hook design and deduction design of the main transparent packaging plastic box. There is also a reasonable design of length, width, height, and can be used to print colors, technology used in UV offset printing, screen printing, bronzing, hot silver and other combinations of technologies to make products more upscale and more gas.

The advantages of using a transparent box

1, transparent plastic box allows consumers to see your product, transparent plastic box packaging products easier to promote the product.

2, transparent packaging box to make the product stand out on messy shelves.

3, transparent packaging box can better display the product, leaving a deeper impression on the customer.

4. The transparent plastic box makes the product more attractive and adds value to the product.

5, transparent packaging box can enhance the attractiveness of the product.

6, transparent plastic box can better display the characteristics of the product, in order to improve product positioning in the market.

7, gift transparent packaging plastic box can effectively promote the promotion of seasonal products.