Use Green Transparent Box To Effectively Increase The Sales Of Fruits

- May 18, 2018-

       Fruit packaging, although the name is small, there are large articles for good or bad packaging. A farmer from Australia's New Wales named Tom Eastlake, after receiving the Nuffield Scholarship Award last year, researched cherry packaging technology and orchard operations and recently The Field National Conference shared his findings with the industry.

       It is reported that Eastlake and his wife Janelle own 50 hectares of farmland and plant a total of 15,000 cherry fruit trees. The annual cherry yield can reach 250 to 340 tons. In an inspection of markets in Europe, the United States, Canada, and parts of Asia, Eastlake found that improving product packaging, using PET transparent boxes, PVC boxes, can effectively increase the number of cherries consumed. “In the above national supermarkets, fruit is not only placed in the fresh product area, supermarket cashiers and many other places are their display areas. In addition, through the presentation of PP transparent boxes and bags, consumers can easily learn about the freshness of products. The degree of effective promotion of cherry product sales.

       Eastlake pointed out that there is still much work to be done in Australia's fruit shops, especially in the retail sector, because consumers are always accustomed to touching before deciding whether to buy the product. Eastlake also stressed: "The prepackaged approach to fruit is now widely used in the Australian market and consumer markets around the world, but for growers, the biggest challenge is to ensure that fruit is delivered after fruit packaging. Will not be damaged.Growers must continue to cooperate with distributors, pay attention to the follow-up quality of fruit.The current trend in the industry is directly imported PVC plastic box packaged fruit products, importers have also recommended exporters and PP box Companies cooperate together so that future export procedures will be more flexible and flexible.