Two Problems To Pay Attention To In The Production Of Plastic Boxes In Winter

- Dec 11, 2018-

        Nowadays, it has entered a dry and cold climate in winter. The dry temperature has two significant effects on the processing and production of the plastic packaging industry. Although the winter around Shenzhen and Dongguan is not as cold and dry as the north, it is only relatively minor. In the last month of the lunar year, the temperature in Guangdong will drop significantly, and the cold will accompany the drying of the air, which also makes many people feel the seasonal changes.

        Blister is a thermoforming process whose thermoformed workspace is not sealed. Therefore, temperature changes in the air will have an impact on the production process of the blister at this stage. In most of the short-form process, there will be no significant change in quality, but for some structures and materials, special blister boxes need to take into account the temperature difference. When the sheet is completely exposed to the air from the heating zone, the temperature will obviously affect the cooling rate of the film, which will further affect the quality of the thermoforming. This is a very delicate process. In the debugging of high-speed blister machine, there is usually a time difference of the baking sheet or air-cooling within one or two seconds or one second, which will not suck in the warm production environment in the south. What are the visible effects of plastic products? But in the more extreme weather, like the month after the end of the year, the temperature of the weather has been felt from the usual wearing thin clothes to wearing a thick coat.

        Temperature is a variable to consider in blister production and processing. In addition, in the dry weather in winter, the electrostatic value on the surface of the object will be too large. If the dust in the production environment is too large, the plastic box and the plastic raw material will absorb a lot of dust particles. The dust that can be seen in the inner eye is the biggest enemy of plastic packaging. It makes its own beautiful things immediately ugly and loses its value. Because the plastic is made of coiled material, unlike the film material, it needs to be slit and completely exposed to the air, which is very easy to absorb dust in the air. Therefore, in this weather, the work site may not be very clean, the production workshop needs special equipment, and the water mist is continuously discharged to maintain the temperature of the air around the workshop. This will produce a beautiful and quality plastic box.