Transparent Plastic Box Trap

- May 15, 2018-

What are the pitfalls in plastic box products?

    What is the trap of plastic box packaging products? What are the pitfalls in plastic box products? Super Asia Packaging Corporation, as the leader in the transparent plastic box packaging industry, from the industry, in the most professional perspective, to give you to show you the plastic box packaging products, what are the pitfalls? At the same time, give some suggestions on how to avoid these traps.

 No matter which industry, all the enterprises in the industry will be divided into three levels: high, medium, and low. This kind of stratification is not artificially divided, but the choice of the market and consumers is naturally formed. The enterprises at the high-end level strive for excellence, meticulousness, adhere to quality first, service first, and honesty first; while the low-end enterprises are at the bottom of the industry, the pressure for survival is very great. In order to survive, the means and methods used are not. Lower limit. Super Asia Packaging Corporation, as a leading company in the transparent plastic box packaging industry, is very aware of the state of the transparent plastic box packaging industry, and is also deeply worried about some bad practices in the industry.

One of the traps in the plastic box is also a trap that customers are most likely to be fooled by. Renovated materials, there is another alias, called renewable materials. For plastic box manufacturers, the most direct benefit of using recycled materials is that they are cheap. The price of one ton of recycled materials is less than one-third of the new materials, some are even lower, and one ton of new materials is imported. It is a dozen or even twenty times that of recycled materials. The so-called one-penny goods, the use of refurbished materials, made of plastic box products, quality is not guaranteed, the aging speed is fast, long for six months, short for a month, the plastic box will appear yellow or partial yellowing, The discoloration and permeability decrease, the film strength becomes brittle, the physical strength becomes lower, and it is cracked or broken by a strong impact, and the surface of the plastic box is more easily scratched.

 In the plastic box customization market, some plastic box manufacturers offer very low price, how low or how low, relative to these low-priced manufacturers, the normal and reasonable quotations of medium and high-end plastic box manufacturers, for customers who do not understand the transparent plastic box traps It seems very high. However, once one understands the pitfalls of plastic box customization, the vast majority of customers will no longer choose low-cost manufacturers because low-cost means low profits for manufacturers and low profits mean In the plastic box production project, many jobs have not been done or haven't been done at all. Then, how can quality be guaranteed? How to ensure the service? How to ensure the delivery period? This is a problem that all customers have to consider.


 How to avoid traps in plastic box customization

        How to avoid these traps? The super-plastic box factory gives you two suggestions: First, the manufacturers with very low bid prices are determined to throw in the trash without hesitation. Second, choose a good reputation and trustworthy brand.

        The trap of the plastic box is not only the use of refurbished materials, but there are other more pitfalls. The Super Asia Packaging Company will later present more shady curtains to the customers from the professional perspective of the practitioners. Please pay attention!