The Value Of Plastic Boxes In Combination With Environmental Design

- Apr 29, 2018-

The original packaging used simple pottery, bag, wooden box as carrying utensils. With the development of the times and science and technology, packaging broke through the basic function of protection and transportation, and gradually became the main means of market marketing and effective promotion of sales. Plastic boxes give people the convenience and beauty of life, but people do not know that there is a social problem behind it, and many plastic packages have been used to waste and environmental pollution.

Through the investigation of the market and the full understanding of the rubber box of their own enterprises, the manufacturers of environmental rubber boxes have obtained the following problems to effectively deal with the environmental protection of plastic boxes.

1, the plastic box that uses the environmental protection packing material.

Gan he packaging production box use less energy consumption, low pollution packaging materials, such as the PP rubber box, PET glue box and PVC glue box produced by our company, all of which are renewable and recyclable environmental protection packages, which will help to improve the utilization of resources and achieve sustainable development. Material selection is not only to consider the function of packaging products, but also to pollute the environment and other issues. Secondly, in the structure design, the structure of the plastic box is simplistic, and the transition package not only makes the material consume too much, but the volume too large will also cause the waste of the resources. We should appropriately change the form of commodity structure so as to reduce its weight and achieve the effect of reducing costs.

2. Environmental protection design and recovery of plastic box process

The technological improvement has an effect on the environmental protection design of the plastic box, and realizes the recycling of various materials in the process. To change the production process, to improve the amount of the material, to remould the production and printing equipment, to control the consumption of the packaging material, the output of waste and the loss of energy to the lowest level. In packaging design, the problem of recycling and reuse of packaging materials must be taken into account in the first place, from reaching the maximum utilization of energy and material, and laying a foundation for the design ideas and methods for minimizing the environmental pollution of the packaging.