The Shape Design Of The PVC Rubber Box

- Apr 29, 2018-

All kinds of PVC glue boxes on the market have their own exquisite shape, which depends on the designer's use of appropriate packaging materials, the unique packaging technology, the design of the molding and decoration of the packaging of the goods PVC glue box. The design of the shape is one of the important factors for packaging. Only by mastering the design method of the shape structure can we lay a good foundation for the later production of high quality packing box.

All the attraction comes from the shape, beautiful plastic box packaging always can not be separated from the design of the design, including the size, size, shape of the display surface in the appearance of the outline of the elements. When we study the form of the product in the gum box factory, we can analyze the packaging of PVC box in detail according to the natural form, the artificial form and the occasional form. The shape of the plastic box has the "77 forty-nine" changes, mainly through its dots, lines and surfaces as the leading elements, and its shape is more plump and attractive.

There are square rubber boxes, trapezoid gum boxes, cylinder box, aircraft buckle box and so on. The cutting of different shapes is enough to attract consumers' vision. The peculiar form will make the consumer more memorable and form the beauty of shape. When designing the packaging of PVC plastic box, it should be viewed in the right aesthetic way, and it needs to be combined according to the characteristics of the product to form a perfect unity.