The Main Control Method Of PVC Packaging Box Blister

- Jul 12, 2018-

transparent plastic box.jpg

1. The blister mould is also very important. The heating film must be uniform all around, with the same height.

2. First of all, the paper itself should meet the requirements of plastic absorption. Before printing, the paper should be tested for plastic absorption of white paper.

3. Control the temperature and pressure time of the blister well. If any film is burnt, the temperature is too high or the hot pressing time is too long.

Many different kinds of 4, blister oil, a common blister oil, blister oil environmental protection, strong blister oil such as blister oil, different oil paper type is different also, corresponding blister material is different.

5. Printing ink has a great influence on the effect of plastic absorption. The effect of large area printing in the field is much worse, especially the ink of fluorescence composition.

6. After the printing ink dries, the superplastic-absorbing oil is used for the blister test.

Above is small make up with everybody to brief the problem in the process of absorb plastic, hope to have certain help to everybody.