The Future Trend Of Food Blister Packaging

- May 16, 2018-

    In recent years, food packaging blister has been increasingly used in the food industry, and gradually replace some traditional packaging materials such as paper, glass and metal. It can be said that the plastic packaging plastics market in Southeast Asia food industry is still in the development stage. However, new product development and technological advancement are the two major driving forces for the continued development of this market.

    With the development of new technologies, the fields involved in food blister packaging are expanding and replace a traditional packaging market. Plastic packaging manufacturers will occasionally report to resin manufacturers their needs for raw material properties. At the same time, raw material suppliers have begun to pay more attention to the development of environmentally-friendly products. With people's attention to concepts such as green and health, more and more biopolymers will be used as new packaging materials in the future.

    The biggest challenge facing this industry comes from the constantly shrinking profit margins. Most of the plastics used in food packaging are general-purpose polymers, which are fluctuating with oil prices. Due to fierce market competition, plastic packaging manufacturers are not able to bargain. The pressure of raw material price increases was quickly passed on to food processing companies and end consumers. Therefore, these companies had to absorb some of the internal pressure, which is fatal for those small businesses. Another reason for the profit reduction is the packaging companies. The technology needs to be constantly updated. Therefore, for plastic packaging companies, improving the production technology, providing high value-added products and effective cost control are the best choices for the market and guaranteeing good returns.

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