The Difference Between PVC Toy Box And PET Box

- Jan 11, 2019-

Many people are not clear about the difference between PVC toy packaging box and PET packaging box. I don't know which one is easy to use, so let's briefly introduce the difference between them.

1, the first point is that although PET performance is good, but the price is very expensive, and the performance of PVC toy packaging is slightly worse, but the price is much cheaper.

2, followed by PVC is not very suitable for food packaging, and its transparency, temperature resistance is worse than PET packaging box.

3. The hardness of the PVC toy packaging box is higher than that of the PET packaging box, which can protect the product well.

4, PVC packaging box is more suitable for a large number of packaging use, the cost is lower, and the effect is good, and the production efficiency is very high.

For the choice of PVC toy packaging box and PET packaging box, we still have to choose according to the actual situation, what we need is appropriate.