The Design Of PET Space Cover Box

- Apr 29, 2018-

Now the ordinary PET space cover packing box will be discarded after the packing box is used. So, we have designed the multi-functional product universe box in the space box packing, and added the function of the box to expand the market. A petal like cosmetic box is divided into six small stamped petals. After the consumer has finished the product in the box, it can be used as a storage box for jewellery or small objects. The information on the box also has the role of promotion.

In the design of PET universe packing box, because the diversification of the box type needs to be paid attention to whether the innovation consciousness is suitable, we should strictly follow the consumer's habit box psychology, and also consider the market change and give full play to the advantages of the universe packing box. To create an image that is consistent with the high-end packaging, and constantly introduce new products to get the praise of consumers, then we can go to the broad market.