The Correct Plastic Box Creative Positioning Strategy

- Apr 26, 2018-

        In today's market, the difference in the brand of similar products is getting smaller and smaller, making the value of the packaging between plastic boxes lower. In order to gain a place in the new era of plastic boxes and make the packaging of goods more attractive to consumers, we must improve the craft and design value of the same type of transparent plastic packaging. We must be guided by the correct creative positioning strategy and combine it with the plastic box design. This is an important strategy for realizing the brand innovation of plastic box products.

       The differentiation of products forms a framework for market construction, which helps designers find innovative positioning strategies for plastic boxes. For the ability to conduct research based on product features and re-planning it, brands will once again enter the consumer's field of vision with brand new faces. People have always depended on the vision to determine whether an item meets their own requirements. Therefore, the plastic box packaging required by the plastic box factory is close to the quality and expression of the same type of product, making its own product relative to other products. The same category of products has achieved a favorable position in the market, and the design can not miss any trace of characteristics.

       In addition to the design, the differentiation strategy of product sales is particularly important, mainly to find the differences in the sales target, sales target, and sales methods of the product. Transparent plastic box packaging is designed according to various social factors such as consumer groups, objects, and cultures targeted by the product. The sales area, scope, and methods of the products all affect and restrict the plastic box design. As a designer, it is necessary to accurately grasp the market dynamics and combine the actual situation of the product with a creative positioning strategy adapted to plastic box packaging.