The Common Cause Of Color Fading In PET Glue Box Printing

- May 03, 2018-

          In the process of PET cartridge printing, the dry ink is lighter than the newly printed ink, and the ink after drying is lighter than that of the newly printed ink. The main reason for this problem is the discoloration of the ink on the surface of the PET cartridge during the drying process. The letterpress ink is mainly permeable and dry, and the ink layer is thick. At this time, it takes a while to permeate and oxidize the conjunctiva. When the PET cartridge is printed, the ink should be controlled slightly deeper than the original printing sample. When the ink is dried, it will reach the requirement of the ink color.

          In fact, all PET cartridge printing ink will have different degrees of fading and discoloration after being exposed to light. After long light exposure, the color ink is fading and discoloration is very serious. When the actual PET cartridge is printed in ink, the light resistant ink should be chosen as much as possible. Meanwhile, the consistency of light resistance between several colors of ink should be considered when the ink is used. The same is blue ink, phthalocyanine blue than light blue, peacock blue light resistant, not easy to change color. If you add a little more white ink, it's more bright. If we use peacock blue and chrome yellow ink, it will fade, discolor and yellowing for a long time.

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