The Advantages Of Plastic Trays

- Apr 24, 2018-

First, green

Because acrylic materials can be completely recycled and reused, it is considered as a form of green advertising for the 21st century. Acrylic plastic blister is composed of three parts: acryl plastic panel, luminous character box, and luminous character light source (LED).

LED blister characters become a fashion in the logo industry, and its reason is attributed to LEDs compared to other light sources and has the following features: - Blister trays

1. Can bend back, can be placed arbitrarily according to strokes of Chinese characters or complicated logos;

2. The dedicated power supply is low-voltage power supply, safe to use, does not require a waterproof seal, and can even be directly immersed in water;

3. Extremely energy-efficient, energy consumption is only one-tenth that of neon lights, saving electricity costs can offset manufacturing costs;

4. Long life, up to 100,000 hours. Maintenance-free, no replacement;

5. Good weather resistance, adapt to -45 °C -85 °C environment. Whether frost, rain, snow, or hot summer;

The Acrylic light box panel of Acrylic Blister Lightboxes is made of monomer material, and the weather resistance, fixation and light transmission of Acrylic materials are much higher than those of other light box materials.

Third, strong sense of three-dimensional shape:

Unconventional innovation is always the goal and development driving force pursued by the advertising industry. Today, with the proliferation of print ads, the public needs a brand-new form of advertising that can relax their eyes. Acrylic plastic light box advertising has emerged. Acrylic plastic light box advertising breaks through the traditional two-dimensional expression technique and uses three-dimensional modeling to activate people's space imagination. 

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