The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fruit Plastic Packaging?

- Jul 06, 2018-

The main defects of fruit plastic packaging molding are easy to produce, 1, poor molding: During the molding process of the suction molding machine, due to the lack of high temperature, the structure of the mold is complicated, resulting in the actual mold structure after the suction molding., size appearance does not match, Less than a concave state of 2, damage: 1 & GT; Due to the high straight angle of the mold, the suction angle is deep, and the material is fragile, resulting in a perforation 2 & GT after the suction molding; When the punch machine cuts the edge, due to the unfavorable die, the temperature is low, resulting in the appearance of a missing line 3, spots: When the mold film is not smooth, there are bumps and impurities, The formation of a clear spot and black particle appearance 4, stains: due to the lack of cleanliness of machinery and equipment materials, resulting in the adhesion of plastic products with dirty oil, etc. .5, whitening: generally appeared in environmental protection materials(PET), Because the plastic molding is too ripe and white phenomenon appears after the oven.