Several Problems To Avoid In The Silk Screen Printing

- Dec 11, 2018-

        The silk screen printing process is a very common production process and is used in many plastic box printing. Because of the pure color, silk screen printing is very eye-catching and bright, which is not the result of other printing methods. Also, because if the limitation of silk screen is also here, because each color is independent and single, each color is a production process, unlike UV printing, which is controlled by computer, and prints seven colors through hundreds of variations. Kind of color.

        Silk screen has a unique color feeling. The most important thing to pay attention to in the silk screen processing process is the problem of color position. Each color of silk screen is a separate production process, so each different color is printed later. In theory, if the pattern of the plastic box is one hundred colors, then if it is silk screen, then I have to print a hundred times. Repeatedly and repeatedly on a small film, this requires that the position of the film should not be shifted a bit at a time. Usually silk screen production is to first print a batch of goods and then print another color. The completion of multiple colors is very consistent because it is separate and not uniform. If there is an offset, deal with it immediately and look for the cause.

        What I just said is the problem that will be encountered in the silk screen production process. Before the screen printing, there will be a film first, and the screen printing film is also very particular. On the film, not only must there be content of each color, but if necessary, it can be accompanied by a knife line. The most basic rule is to have a corner, which will make the subsequent film positioning problem easier and simpler.