Rural Schools Have A Huge Demand For Digital Printing Presses(Printing Box Knowledge)

- Jul 09, 2018-

Reported recently, ricoh released 2010 rural public welfare projects, campus of tianshui, gansu province, sichuan mianyang santai, guizhou, anhui regarding luan county and county the following benefits, according to a survey of 200 primary school only 10% of the schools have printing machine, develops the object is the number of students of 400 people or more, about 40%.In other areas where printing equipment is needed, office schools' offices are divided into separate rooms, and 65% of teachers' offices have no printing equipment.Printers and A4 multipurpose machines priced from 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan are very popular in schools.Most schools use the printing and copying functions, and little is known about three-in-one or four-in-one multipurpose machines.

In this regard, ricoh has launched the product combination preferential package project, namely "digital printing press + multi-function/printer + original packaging consumables", which can obtain unified and guaranteed after-sales service at the same time.Especially DX2432C/CP6202C digital printing machine, suitable for elementary school, the government at the county level, and small businesses, the characteristics of the machine is 300 dpi, B4 printing format, scanning 8 k, 8 k walk paper, suitable for tissue paper printing, can connect the computer, change the color drum, automatic shutdown, printing speed is 60-90 pages per minute.A total of 340 schools have installed ricoh digital printing equipment and 386 schools are interested in installing it.

According to the results of this survey, there are five types of printing methods in rural schools at present: one is electric or hand-operated mimeograph, offset mimeograph, the limitation is poor effect, low efficiency and difficult operation.2 it is to outsource the printing, but cannot use namely printing, time is long, the printing content is limited, such as only the final exam, not according to the requirements of class flexible teaching materials, and outsourcing cost is high, the need for examination and approval, long up the printing process.Third, buy out the test paper or practice, the defect is high cost, each need 8 to 12 points.Four is issued by the central school, but only the test paper.Fifthly, low speed photocopier or machine printer, the limitation is the high cost of mass printing, there is the abnormal loss of consumables, paper and machine.

"The purpose of ricoh's rural campus public welfare project is to improve the printing efficiency of rural schools and improve the quality of school printing and teaching."Ricoh (China) investment co., LTD. Marketing manager Tian Yexin said: "the user will be far below the market price for the machine, using a digital printing machine can improve the efficiency of printing and teaching, daily printing cost savings, improve printing equipment.As a manufacturer, we can learn more about the printing requirements and habits of new user groups (rural schools), so as to improve the products and propose better improvement plans.In addition, it can meet the needs of rural schools for other printing equipment, and ultimately promote the modernization of the office environment of schools in remote areas.

Tian Yexin, for example: "in tianshui, gansu province Zhang Chuan xinjian county, the entire school student 1700 people, buy digital printing machine for DX2432C, main printing paper, parents contact book and external undertake scripture, books, etc.The office machines in the printing room are one offset press, two duplicators and one needle printer.The school now has 100 to 1,000 original prints (up to 3,000) printed on a digital printer.