PVC Plastic Packaging Design Principles

- Mar 21, 2018-

For merchants, commodity packaging has an irreplaceable promotional role in product sales. Under the influence of modern sales models and consumer spending concepts, the packaging of transparent PVC plastic boxes also changes with the trend of the times before the single model. Combine brands, corporate culture, pictures, and other factors into the plastic box. The display content and effect design should aggregate the brand promotion, marketing promotion and other functions to explain the above design patterns to consumers one by one.

First of all, choose the precise positioning for the brand, define the company's culture and core values, find the advantages of transparent PVC plastic boxes and products for sale, highlight the main advantages of the products, so as to win consumption for their products in the fiercely competitive commodity market. The trust of the person. When a brand new product is just in contact with the market, it needs the comprehension of the market and the product brand by the designer. It is important to know that attracting consumers to make a purchase is the most important goal.

Explore the competitive environment Use diversity in similar competitive products to reach brand and product promotion. Prior to the start of packaging design, it is necessary to understand the product's future market environment, conduct detailed investigations within the market, and identify product and sales strategies from multiple perspectives. The resistance to competition is minimized. And it needs to be clear what kind of information the product wants to bring to consumers, and it has enough attractive personality. The information that highlights the characteristics of the product is placed in the most prominent position on the front of the transparent PVC plastic box, in order to allow the customer to see it at first sight.

Today when consumers determine a product, they need to observe whether the selected product meets their own requirements, so create a brand product that allows consumers to trust, in order to promote the brand's sales of its products.