PVC Cylinder Rim Machine Production Of Plastic Cylinder

- Jul 06, 2018-

PVC cylinder rim machine production of plastic cylinder

There are four production processes from raw materials to finished products for cylinder edge gluing machine, cylinder forming machine and cylinder adhesive machine.First of all to the whole roll up, production materials in automatic cylinder cylinder forming machine according to the required specifications, then forming good cylinder on the cylinder edge to edge machine, at the same time in the cylinder cover needed to produce a good flash on the cylinder cover, finally the cylinder and the cylinder cover back cover by welding on the cylinder cover.The finished product comes out of such a drum package.1. Automatic cylinder glue machine, semi-automatic cylinder machine and automatic cylinder brush machine are all equipped with intelligent man-machine interface operating system and electronic automatic counting function.When the cylinder machine works, the forming is fast and accurate.2. Servo motor drive or four-station automatic turntable cycle drive;When the cylinder is formed, it can be equipped with the automatic punching device of the cylinder to install the cylinder handle.3. Different cylinder diameters and lengths can be set automatically according to different cylinder sizes;In addition, photoelectric tracing is adopted to cut the cylinder so that the cylinder is formed without scratch, and the consistency of the cylinder height is good.4. The automatic cylinder forming machine is easy to operate, the machine is durable, and the cylinder forming effect is beautiful and smooth.The production efficiency is high, can carry on the large-scale production, and can realize the humanless pipeline operation.