Production Process Of Environmental Adhesive Box

- May 03, 2018-

1, plate making: environmental glue box manufacturers introduce, now the glue box looks beautiful and exquisite, so the color of plate making is also all kinds of colors, usually one type of glue box will not only have 4 basic colors, but also have several special colors, such as gold and silver.

2, selection material: the general packing box is used PET, PVC, PP and other materials, PVC, PET thickness is mostly 0.2-0.8, PP can be as thick as 1.2MM, because the material is too thick mounted glue box too hard, appearance looks very dull.

3, printing: the outside of the box is not printed, the most is only screen printing, because the glue box is the outer packing box, so the printing process is very high, the most taboo color difference, ink point, drop color which affect the aesthetic defects.

4, surface treatment: the packaging of environmental protection plastic boxes usually needs surface treatment. The most common ones are super glue, over mute gum, over UV, gloss oil and dumb oil. It's also what we say about offset printing.

5, beer: beer is a more important link in the printing process. It must be done by the knife mold. If the beer is not allowed, the beer is biased, the beer will have a serious impact on the subsequent processing.

6, film mulching: the usual print is the first beer after the film, only the plastic box is first beer after the film, one is afraid to make flower packaging, two is the plastic box to pay attention to the overall beauty, glue box film material must be handmade, this can achieve a certain beauty.

7. After covering the membrane of the environmental protection plastic box, the punch is perforated, and the glue on the surface should be cleaned without punching.