Product Packaging Is As Important As Advertising

- Jul 19, 2018-

Product packaging is as important as advertising

Television used to be one of the three wedding pieces, accompanied us to spend a lot of happy time.With computers, phones and tablets, it seems that fewer and fewer people are watching TV.In this era of rapid development of the mobile Internet, those days of watching TV and waiting for TV programs to start are probably gone forever for some people.Is television advertising still a major part of the equation?

It is reported that the total amount of Internet advertising in China surpassed TV advertising for the first time in 2014, and the growth rate of TV advertising in China was -4.6% in 2015, and -3.7% in the year to August 2016.Does the continuous negative growth mean that TV advertising will be replaced by Internet advertising?But we can't compare all the advertisements on the Internet with those on TV. We should compare them with those on video.Television advertising is eight times more than online video advertising.This reflects the advantages of advertising and branding on TV.

Internet advertising can achieve thousands of ads precise placement, achieve the refinement of advertising, reduce ineffective advertising, and improve advertising value.But a foreign studies of Internet advertising effect, the study shows that only 44% of the online advertising can be user watch, 9% of Internet advertisement received the attention span of more than 1 second.In the era of mobile Internet, the waste rate of advertisements in FMCG industry is not 50%, but up to 90%.There are a lot of machine clicks and fake traffic.

Xin Hong Yang Packaging  is the domestic well-known cellophane tape box, PVC plastic box, PET plastic boxes and PP plastic box manufacturers, led the market for decades, for customers all over the world to provide professional transparent cellophane tape box packaging design and high quality.Do you need to consider the outer packing of the product?The purpose of advertising on TV and Internet is to attract customers to get traffic and promote the brand, but the quality of product packaging also affects customers' desire to buy.In addition to advertising, marketers should also pay attention to the outer packaging of products.