PP Plastic Box And Plastic Box

- May 08, 2018-

The chemical name of PP plastic and plastic box material is polypropylene. After modified molecular structure, PP material is heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and can maintain stable state under cold conditions. However, PP material is easy to be aged and stored for a long time. Affect quality.

        The heat resistance of the PP material is the best one in the plastic and plastic box. Under the boiling point of boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius, the PP material will not produce any deformation and material volatilization. The molecular structure of the PP material is very neat, and the bending Fatigue has a very good resistance, these properties make PP materials used in the baby market a large proportion of the use of infants, the vast majority of bottles made of PP materials, bottles often have to inject hot water, and PP's heat resistance is Very good, his stable molecular structure makes it a substance that does not produce harmful to the human body. In this case, PP is a very safe plastic product that is more secure than PET.

        The safety and non-toxicity of PP materials not only have a role in the baby market: like baby bottles, plastic bottles for baby bottles, and plastic toys for babies. PP is also used in many industrial products. Nowadays, more and more PP plastic pipe materials have replaced the previous stainless steel pipe materials. PP will not rust, it will not be easy to age, and its cost will be lower than that of stainless steel. It is in line with economical savings.

        The blister packaging box, the PP material usage rate on the printing plastic box is basically a plastic box focused on the use of food, plastic box, more is also used to package infants and young children. Now that regular restaurants are packaged, most of the hard lunch boxes are made of PP blister boxes. Compared with traditional foam boxes, he is safer and more robust, and will not break as easily as a bubble. I believe that in the market, PP plastic box will have more and more use and share.

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