PP Box Raw Material Introduction Series Three

- Apr 27, 2018-

PP application

        The PP resin used for woven products (plastic woven bags, tarpaulins, ropes, etc.) is the largest market for the consumption of polypropylene in China and is mainly used for the packaging of food, fertilizers, and cement.

    Injection molding products Injection products are mainly used in small household appliances, daily necessities, toys, washing machines, automobiles and turnover boxes.

    Film products polypropylene film mainly includes BOPP, CPP, general packaging film and microporous film, etc. BOPP has many excellent characteristics such as light weight, high mechanical strength, non-toxic, transparent, moisture-proof and so on. It is widely used in packaging, electrical engineering, electronic appliances, etc. Tape, label film, film, composites and many other fields, of which the largest use of the packaging industry.

    Fiber Products Polypropylene fiber (ie, polypropylene) refers to a fiber product made by melt spinning from polypropylene. As polypropylene fiber has many excellent properties, it has been widely used in the three major fields of decoration, industry and clothing, and has become the second largest variety of synthetic fiber.

    Pipe polypropylene pipe has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, convenient pipe connection (heat welding, electric welding, pipe fitting connection), recyclable use, etc. It is mainly used in building water supply system, heating system, farmland water delivery system, and chemical pipeline system.