Pouring Hidden Dangers In Plastic Bags, Environmental Protection And Non-toxic Are The Key

- May 07, 2018-

armful substances will be adsorbed on the food. Non-toxic plastic bags, that is, food plastic bags, are made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other raw materials, can be used to package food, standard food bags are also marked with "food" and QS quality and safety signs, the public Should be carefully identified.

Even if plastic bags that meet national standards can directly contact foods, it is not 100% safe to use them to package foods. Wang Bo, a nutritionist, reminds the public that while there are plastic bags for food, people do not use plastic bags to store hot and oily foods as much as possible. Overheated foods have to be cooled down and refilled. Because at a high temperature, the plastic bags are scalded and will volatilize some harmful chemicals that may cause dizziness, nausea, and even cause cancer. Oily foods are a dissolving agent for plastic bags and can also produce toxic substances.

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