Plastics Use Specifications Scientific Risk Avoidance

- Apr 26, 2018-

Many people worry about plastic products, mainly plasticizers for plastic products.

In order to improve the processing performance and performance of plastics, chemical additives such as plasticizers and stabilizers need to be added during the production of plastic products.

These chemicals exist in varying degrees of food, dissolution, and threats to food safety issues. A large number of long-term use of plasticizers will cause chronic harm to the human reproductive system, immune system, and digestive system.

Rational treatment of plastic additives

Is this plasticizer so harmful that plastic food packaging can be used safely? In fact, as long as there is a thorough understanding of plasticizers, plastic products are not so terrible.

First of all, plastic products are used for classification identification and classification. Different types of plastic products correspond to different foods and different heat storage conditions, and the classification of plastic products in China is very common. If qualified plastic packaging materials are used according to the stated purpose, the transfer of plasticizers will not exceed the relevant standards. China's "food containers, packaging materials and additive additives" have strict regulations on the content of plasticizers used in food packaging materials, which are in line with the standards of developed countries.

Second, a small amount of plasticizer does not harm the human body. The health effects of plasticizers depend on their intake, and accidental intake of small amounts of contaminated food is not harmful to health.

In addition, the solubility and migration rate of plasticizers are very low at normal temperatures. A lot of high-fat foods can only be dissolved under high temperature conditions. For example, we often use plastic PVC packaging materials. Although it contains plasticizers, it is mainly used in fresh food packaging and is mainly used for room temperature or low temperature. The solubility and migration of plasticizers are few and can be used with ease.