Plastic Box Printing Color Deviation Solution

- Dec 11, 2018-

        The production process of plastic boxes, printing is the most common production process. Today's plastic box production usually uses two printing methods: screen printing, or offset printing.

        The choice of these two printing methods depends on the situation. Their printing process is very different. Screen printing can only print one color at a time. Offset printing does not have this limitation. The offset printing of plastic boxes is the whole process. All are controlled by computer, fully automatic assembly line operation, printing tower roller rolling printing, this printing method is also called offset printing, offset printing can print a variety of colors, these colors are used by computers in several basic colors, That is: white, black, blue, red, and yellow are allotted in various proportions.

        After finishing the process of offset printing, look back at screen printing, which is a semi-automatic printing method in which the ink moves back and forth from the screen of the workbench to the object being printed. This type of printing can only print one color at a time. When there is another color, clean the ink on the workbench and replace it with other colors. On one, there is basically no common point between offset printing and silk screen printing. The two focus on the color deviation of the two prints. Also print a color, such as blue, with dark blue and light blue. If it is offset printing, it depends on the length of the printing time, the printing pressure is small, and the printing temperature is high. The longer the printing time, the darker the color; the greater the printing pressure, the darker the color; the higher the printing temperature, the darker the color. These principles are used in the production of offset printing. For silk screen printing, the color depth is determined by the ink at first, and is not subject to artificial control during processing. This is the most significant difference in their color processing.

        The printing color difference of the plastic box is a problem that often occurs. If it is a plastic box that is screen printed, it will be changed to offset printing. At this time, the processing and production are more time-consuming than usual, and it is necessary to pass the test again and again. Contrast, gradually accepted to achieve the same color. Conversely, offset printing uses silk screen printing. If there is not much color, and there is no gradient color, then there is the possibility of printing production. For a wide variety of printing solutions, there is still nothing to do with many of today's plastic screen printing equipment.

        Therefore, when printing a plastic box with strict color requirements, it is very important to select a suitable printing type according to the sample, so that the color deviation can be minimized.