Plastic Box Packaging Products

- Jul 04, 2018-

We are integrated with design, plate making and processing. It is located in longgang, the capital of "China printing city".Over the years, we have been committed to providing our customers with high-quality printing products based on plastic sheet materials.The printing quality is excellent, the processing technology is excellent, the cost is affordable.Stick to the principle of high quality, high efficiency, good faith and good contract.

Xin Hong Yang packaging are located in longgang, the capital of "China printing city" and "China gift city", depending on the mature production conditions and convenient raw material procurement channels.The printing quality of the product is excellent, the processing technology of the back channel is excellent, the cost is affordable.Company dedicated to provide customers with more than 10 years, the best quality of all kinds of plastic printing products, including all kinds of plastic boxes, plastic printed article, handbags, commodity to hang and so on in plastic sheet for the original carrier of printing products, can provide customers with customized services.Is a collection of design, plate making, processing in one plastic products company.Focusing on the production of plastic products and related technology research and development, we have accumulated rich and valuable industry experience and won the reputation of customers.We always insist on the principle of high quality, high efficiency, good faith and good contract.For more than 10 years, the company has been praised for its win-win cooperation with both old and new customers on the principle of quality first, customer foremost and reasonable price.Tomorrow's lincheng plastic products will be more brilliant!

Main equipment:

Germany, Japan and other countries of advanced printing equipment, UV printing machine, offset printer, automatic screen printing machine, indentation film cutting machine for plastic, PVC, PET, PP plastic sticky box machine such as a full set of QianHouDao process equipment

Products include but are not limited to:

PVC box, PET box, PP box, PVC plastic box, PVC folding box, PET box, PET folding boxes, PP plastic box, PP folding boxes, plastic boxes, transparent packaging, plastic box, transparent plastic box, clear plastic box, transparent box, PP environmental protection box, soft box, bronzing box, hot silver box, KeYin gift box, printing gift box, plastic box, transparent box, transparent film, PET folding boxes, plastic tags, blister packaging, pressurePP/PET/PVC plastic packaging products such as plastic packaging box,PVC zippered bag,PVC handbag,PP handbag, gift bag, cosmetic bag, stationery bag, file bag, card case, etc

high quality sheet materials to make our products:

1. Near zero crystal point

2. Greater transparency

3. Stronger flower resistance

4. Better anti-static

5. Stronger explosion resistance

Packaging box :

1. Soft and flexible

Packaging saves time

Square and straight

2. Strong bearing capacity

Save a lot of labor cost for you, can effectively improve the value of your product.