Plastic Box Packaging Features And Requirements

- Apr 26, 2018-

Plastic box packaging for the product's important functions:

1. Protection function. It can protect the goods from being damaged during storage, transportation and transportation, so that the products can be completely achieved by the manufacturer and their full use value can be maintained.

2. Convenient features. It is easy to store, facilitates transitional movements, facilitates circulation, and facilitates sales.

3. Promotion function. Good packaging can stimulate consumers' desire to purchase and improve product quality.

4. Information function. Producers and consumers of products communicate with each other on the printed patterns on the packaging. For this reason, good product packaging is through simple, informed, complete information, such as product name, manufacturer, usage method, content, preservation method, expiration date, quality certificate, trademark, barcode, etc.

An excellent plastic box packaging needs to do the following:

1. The work should have good protection for the function of the goods. Under any circumstances, it can guarantee that the goods will not be destroyed, there will be no mildew and deterioration, and there will be no distortion of the goods that impair the use value of the goods;

2. Has a convenient storage, stacking, measurement, testing and other functions. It is easy to transport, transport and transport for display and sales.

3. Good commercial nature, good pattern design, good packaging appearance, can improve product level, and promote the sale of goods;

4. Provides concise, comprehensive information dissemination;

5. Reasonable price. The principle of packaging design is to use the lowest price of packaging materials and structures to meet the requirements of the product. Oppose packaging in practical work;

6. Packaging waste is easy to handle, does not affect the environment, and destroys ecological balance.