Plastic Box Packaging Design: Vitality And Posture Beauty

- May 11, 2018-

One of the most important design elements in product packaging design is the shape of the package. It is the same as the design of other buildings, and it is the same as the design of industrial products. The design of the packaging box and the design of the container are determined by its own function. According to the nature of the packaging product, the shape and weight are determined, the three-dimensional structure and the principle of reasonable operation are used to solve the packaging structure, which is a more scientific design method. .

The plastic box is a three-dimensional shape, and its unfolding process is a multifaceted body process in which several surfaces are moved, stacked, folded, and surrounded. The surface of the three-dimensional structure plays a role in the division of spatial space. It can cut, rotate and fold the surface of different parts, and the resulting surface has different emotional expression. The plane is smooth, smooth and concise. The surface has a texture, a tough, smooth feel. The simplicity, fullness, strictness, and dignity of the formula are just some of the considerations we need when we study the shape of the plastic box. Combining packaging is dedicated to the development, design, and production of various types of PP, PET, and PVC plastic boxes. The company has strong technical personnel and equipment, and strive to achieve perfection, be sure to hand the best products to the customer.

The polyhedron in the three-dimensional structure is to study the law of change between the surface and the surface of a multifaceted shape and to explore the relationship between the change in shape and the strength of the material. For example, the joints in the plastic box are usually in the lid of the box, the body of the box and the bottom structure of the box. Take this as an example, this part is to bear weight, pressure, vibration, remove some of the factors, such as the greatest impact, suitable for the face, use all methods to fix and lock, but also use this strong seal to shape. This structure can be installed in many types of products, with a large number of small and medium-sized bottles.

In addition, the six basic geometric forms of polyhedrons and their variants have different similarities in real life with the heterogeneous appearance of goods. The packing structure of the plastic box box should give full play to the shape characteristics of the polyhedron, and skillfully use the body language to express the characteristics of the product and the beauty of the package. At present, there are a large number of food packaging on the market. The outer package that forms the basis is a polyhedron defined by Plato or Archimedes. It consists of repeated forms whose surfaces are not the same combination of shapes: the surface is closer to the sphere. Packaging such as Japan's "Chocolate", the appearance is only corresponding to the definition of Plato's sphere, and the same triangular cardboard folded after interpenetrating, gathered into an octahedron, sealed with a simple and simple wire rope cleverly connected to 8, starting Rugged features, style with Japanese style.

Packaging design is also an abstract form of language expression. How to use the abstract language to express the artistic appeal of packaging design also requires the assistance of three-dimensional composition.

1. The Power of Life – The forms we study are static forms, and there are many natural forms that give people their exuberant beauty of vitality. We should use the extension and expansion of natural forms to creatively apply to packaging design.

2, dynamic - good quality, such as means, forward, balanced development, the article uses "gradient" visual spatial changes, the formation of "dynamic" usually depends on the design of the curve, the formation of rotating parts in space.

3, sense of body mass, refers to the amount of people's psychological feelings, the key design is how to deal with the same volume of the form to express different psychological implications, the use of local reduction, plus, flip, flexion can reflect better results .

4. A sense of depth - There are many forms of depth in the natural form that can lead to personal victory and use abstract forms to reflect depth, such as contrast and harmony, rhythm and rhythm.