Plastic Box Cracking Cracks, Xin Hong Yang Teach You A Solution

- Apr 25, 2018-

Color printing plastic box packaging in the production of frequency is now burst plastic, explosive box phenomenon is a large number of production: pvc plastic box, pet plastic box, pp plastic box, color printing plastic box, transparent plastic box, plastic plastic box packaging enterprise for the distressed topic, light The result is that the product is reworked and scrapped, which in turn leads to the loss of customer resources and causes no small losses to the company. How to better prevent and reduce the frequent appearance of such phenomena, which requires users to fundamentally identify the reasons for the right medicine, make timely and effective preventive measures. These phenomena occur frequently in our printed plastic packaging companies, but how do these phenomena occur? How should we respond?

I. Improper use of the product, resulting in poor adhesion of the product

Faced with improper operations, we can improve in three ways:

1. Glue classification - Before using it, it is important to pay attention to the strict distinction between the materials used for plastics, PVC plastic box, PP plastic box, PET plastic box, respectively, have different sticky edge glue, and sticky edge process, do not confuse, Before sticking the box, you must understand the material of the plastic box and use the proper glue according to your needs.

2. Adhesive volume control is reasonable - Less glue, resulting in the product can not be effectively bonded, for thicker materials and boxes with greater resilience, increase the amount of glue to not spill the glue as the standard. ;

 3. The pressure in the press box is not enough - the idea is to use PUR glue, increase the pressure, and scientifically use a mechanical or pneumatic pump applicator. Pay attention to 5-10 positive and negative positions with flat packing to promote seamless contact between the boxes to prevent false sticking.

II. The glue model does not match, resulting in poor adhesion of the product

The choice of glue model and scientific use is very important:

1. No glue is a panacea. So customers must have targeted choices and use glue scientifically, such as:

PVC plastic glue box glue can not be used to glue pet plastic box; PP plastic box hot glue box technology can not be used in PET plastic box, PVC plastic box above, so do not think of a glue, a process can be good Any type of plastic box;

For plastic boxes with chilled and frozen products, as well as plastic boxes for countries with hot air temperature, customers should select adhesives that meet the requirements for low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance and aging resistance, actively communicate with production units, and never blindly use them;

Users must understand the glue performance indicators in advance to ensure that the product quality is stable and can be used to match small batches of test glue with the product in advance. Scientifically choose to use the correct glue sprayer and viscose to avoid the explosion of boxes and explosives.

III. The lack of anti-explosive box experience and awareness of users

At the same time, users lack experience and precautions about product quality issues, which can easily lead to the occurrence of mass explosions. Prior to mass production, samples of small batches of products can be produced first, and product quality monitoring, risk prevention of explosions, and prevention of problems should be made. In particular, new materials and batches of raw materials should be used, and new process products should be tested in small batches.

IV. Fully understand and master the technical parameters of glue

Only when the user has a clear understanding of the technical parameters can the correct use of glue be made so that the glue can serve your carton better, so that you will not have any worries. This includes high and low temperature performance, aging resistance, application range, storage conditions, adhesive properties, and environmental protection parameters of the adhesive.