PET Packaging Boxes Focus On The Application Industry

- Jul 12, 2018-

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Pet packaging can be according to utility cent: infant supplies series of transparent packaging, electronic products series of transparent boxes, cosmetics series of transparent packaging, daily necessities series of transparent boxes, clothing series of transparent packaging, tableware series of transparent boxes, stationery series of transparent packaging, toys series, transparent box, leather holster transparent box, transparent box, food supplements transparent packing box, etc.Its features are permanent durable packaging, moisture-proof, waterproof, high toughness, strong transport safety performance, improve product class

In daily life, there is a great demand for the use of PET packaging boxes. Many manufacturers and consumers will use PET packaging boxes in processing and production. What are the advantages of baili PET packaging boxes?

1. Friction-resistant, with excellent electrical insulation, is the best material for electrical products.

2, excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance, can be used in the temperature range of 120 ℃ of crystalline pet use for a long time, short-term use can bear the high temperature of 150 ℃, 70 ℃ can withstand low temperature stress, and high, small effects on the mechanical properties at low temperature.

3. Good physical and mechanical properties, good impact resistance and folding resistance.

4. Low gas and water vapor permeability, with excellent anti-odor performance.

5. High transparency, able to withstand ultraviolet rays

6. Superior surface gloss.

7. Non-toxic and tasteless, better for human health and safety, can be directly used in food packaging.

8. Good resistance to creep and acid and alkaline.