Personalized Design Of Packaging Products Can Be Invincible In The Market

- May 11, 2018-

In the information age, the globalization of packaging products is a trend, but the diversified development of design for ethnic styles and cultural characteristics has increased. Designers try to design the packaging of goods that represent their taste and the characteristics of the products to express their individuality. Then, in the clamor of popular trends, people began to emphasize the personality and personal style of the product, and put forward the slogan of “individual product packaging”. Consumers showed great interest in innovative design ideas and ideas for product packaging. Purchasing items for daily use becomes an inevitable choice for personal style. Therefore, the design process is not only the designer's process of technology and imagination, but also the consumer demand of the continuous communication process between designers and users. Designers should fully consider the group's aesthetic psychological factors, use packaging products, to meet the needs of the user's emotional characteristics to the maximum extent possible. Under this premise, the design is consistent with their own personality and style.

With the development of social economy and the increasingly mature consumer market, people are satisfied with the demand for goods, which means that mass production is gradually disappearing in the era of mass consumption. Instead, consumers are seeking personalized products and personalized products. In the era of shopping, only small-scale production of personalized products for different consumers in the production field, so our product design and packaging design should also keep pace with and adapt to such an era.

“Personalized design of packaging products” refers to individual products and packaging designs for small batch production in the context of buyers’ market, market segmentation, and differentiation of target audiences. At present, Dongguan Shenghe Packaging has been based on the packaging industry and market for many years, regardless of the packaging design and sales have unique skills, this is different from the other reasons for packaging, where the packaging industry sincerely for the packaging industry Service, to the best. At the same time, the latest relevant packaging information will also be pushed to the guests. Here only the most high-quality personalized packaging design and production process are provided, so that the products can be refreshed to quickly catch the eye of the consumers and deliver the goods to your hands on time.

The characteristics of new products in the market are presented to consumers with their unique external appearance and internal structure. Their unique purpose and use value arouse the attention and interest of consumers, stimulate consumer emotions and purchase motivation. The personality design of new products should not be regarded as an external aesthetic but as a necessary part of market development. In the development of packaging products, we should pay attention to the novelty of products and unique personality design, so that we can stand out among many similar products. If there is no novelty and unique personality in packaging design, it will give people a feeling of oldness and oldness. Even if the product performance is good, it will be difficult to attract consumers' attention and interest and stimulate consumers' love and purchase motivation. In particular, many new products in the world share common features in terms of quality, characteristics, components, and performance. They create diversity in the personalized design of new packaging, highlighting the characteristics of their external and internal structures. Innovation creates personality, uses creative thinking and modern technology, and makes personalized packaging products unique and creative.

The application of product packaging forms and colors should be used to study the traditional, modern color composition into the new product color design, as the formation of consumer individuation and the popularity of various products, and pay great attention to the new product packaging design personalized consumption The people continue to grow. The production of products has evolved from the past to a small number of production trends. This is a new development in modern production. In the sales competition among enterprises, the competition of personalized product packaging design plays an important role. Consumer preference for personalized product packaging design has become an important factor in product selection. The same quality, same price products, due to different designs, sales will be very different, people's demand for products, has been from the original product to quality conversion, are designed for quality and personality changes.

The personalized design of packaging products will be refined into an aesthetic style that can promote emotional change and development. The personalized packaging design style should be consistent with the packaging product style. This puts forward higher requirements for modern personalized packaging design. In addition to the perfect combination of design, color, texture and function, but also shows the ideals of people's hearts and pursuits, the unique consumption orientation of different lifestyles, showing different moods will be emotional information, technical and social information, aesthetic intentions, In combination with many other factors, we strive to create a unique artistic style and beautiful packaging design that can express the artistic packaging of the individual character. Personalized packaging design can only meet the physiological and psychological needs of the human body, explore transcendence and inertia, and bring beauty and shock to art. Convenient, appropriate and safe packaging design will produce a more direct aesthetic experience.

Modern packaging must also present a new face to people. In general, the current popular aesthetic style of modern packaging design is the result of the fusion of modern classic aesthetic style and market style. The aesthetic connotation of harmony and elegance has always been a new connotation of advancing with the times. Breaking a single theme, opposing absolute simplicity, and displaying functional information and personality traits in multidimensional levels and multiple methods is a new trend in packaging design. From the perspective of psychology, everyone is eager to get rid of bondage and enjoy a rich and colorful life. Personalized packaging not only means getting new packaging. The realization of personalized packaging design is an important aspect of human design. High-tech materials cannot be separated from the forms of human movement. Therefore, we see that the art of packaging product development psychology also plays an important role. At the same time, the development of human psychological complex is continuing. The development of science and technology society has a new impact on human psychology.

The realization of personalized design of packaging products mainly includes the following three aspects:

1. The design of personalized packaging products evolved from different stages of human growth. People's lives are divided into five stages: infants, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Different stages of development show different levels of maturity and different psychological characteristics. To sum up the development of human life, one can see that people have grown up from childhood, maturity, and aging. The researcher's development stage and different psychological needs help form a new product personality.

2. The design of individual packaging products evolved from different levels of consumption in society. The basic components of society are individuals and groups. Because of ethnic, regional, cultural and educational factors, individuals and groups at different levels are formed. People with different levels of individuals and groups have different consumption demands and consumption patterns and influence each other. Therefore, the design personality of new products tests the similarities and differences between them to increase the range of product adaptation and make a certain product a personal identity. The products signed by the members of the group make the products of a certain personality become a symbol of a business or an achievement, so that a product with a certain personality not only meets the material and spiritual compensation obtained by the consumer, etc.

3, the project from the packaging function to develop personalized packaging product design. The direction of modern product development is to develop into multifunctional and special functions. In addition to paying attention to basic practical products, individualized design of new products must also pay attention to adding subsidiary functions and special functions so that the personality of new products is different from similar products. Characteristics.