Packaging - Is Part Of The Product

- Jul 17, 2018-

The innovation of product packaging design can be expressed from two aspects: structural design and decoration design.For example, in terms of structural design, by changing the shape of the box body, the cover and the bottom of the box, the packaging box can have a better visual effect on the shelf.In adornment design respect, use different colour and the design that accords with aesthetic characteristic to attract the eye of consumer.

Structural design and decoration design are the two most important parts of product packaging box design.If packaging designers can both clever unifies in together, to achieve the effect of xingshenjianbei, will be able to more effective make packaging, new meaning to products, and to gain a good market reaction.

The synergy box/new synergy box (PP box) as shown in the picture.On structure design, used together with offset printing technology, the perfect presents design of the color effect, enhances the packing box of the texture, improve the level of the products, thus improve the customer's confidence.In addition, this design gives full play to the advantage of high transparent PP box material, and retains the large area of transparent box body. It fully displays the products in the box, which is more convenient for customers to buy.