Main Advantages Of Blister Packaging

- Jul 11, 2018-

The main advantages of blister packaging are: saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation and meeting the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging.Can pack any special products, no additional buffer material is needed for packing.The packaged products are transparent, beautiful in appearance, easy to sell, suitable for mechanization and automatic packaging, convenient for modern management, saving manpower and improving efficiency.

Blister packaging products


Blister packaging products mainly include: bubble shell, tray, blister box, synonyms: vacuum cover, bubble cover, etc.

Blister packaging equipment

Blister packaging equipment mainly includes: blister packaging machine, blister forming machine, punch press, sealing machine, high frequency machine, edge folding machine.

Packaging products

Packaging products can be divided into: insert card, suction card, double bubble shell, half bubble shell, double bubble shell, triple bubble shell, etc.

The raw materials

The main raw materials of the blister packaging are: PVC, PS, PP, PET, PETG, flocking, antistatic electricity, electricity and other materials.

The production process

1. Mold making and processing:According to request samples or specifications, the first is made blister mold, general conditions, are made use of gypsum blister packaging mold, but also useful wooden and metal engraving products mold, plaster mold is made, let the natural drying or drying completely, and then, on the basis of the condition of the product surface convex concave in 1-2 mm drill flower in does not affect product packaging appearance dips many drill holes, if it is products such as packaging, also have to drill some holes on the edge of the around, so that the blister production, can take out the air, the mold after drilling the well hole, also will be hardened gypsum mould processing,The hard treatment method is to soak the alum saturated solution and dry it.2: after mould processing dry completely, the mold into a vacuum chamber on the upper plate, and then according to mold size, plastic loaded into suitable size, and then put the film material in heating wood cabinet, make its completely fixed, then wooden fence along with constant temperature furnace on softening plastic sheet.3: good softening plastic with wood cabinet, put in a vacuum chamber, start the inspiratory switch, vacuum indoor air clean, after being plastic cooling, that be the same as the mold of concave type packing or process the mold.4. Blister packaging and finishing;The finished product is the finished product after trimming and finishing the product, which can be sold after packaging.

Price determination factors of plastic products

Blister price = product material cost + + artificial and transportation energy consumption, energy consumption of profits: blister is by hot working, the power consumption can be relatively larger in other industries, roughly 8% of the cost of materials of the products of artificial: blister mainly by machines, artificial less, roughly 10% of the cost of transportation product material: according to clients' distance from our factory and decide, profits: suck SuChang net profit generally very low, 12% to 20%, according to payment term, closing at 14% the cost of materials: 30 days product material cost calculation is more complex, data calculation before first find out the following aspects: raw material price:Determined according to the purpose of the product, what material and grade of material, for this kind of material is the lowest price supplier of film thickness: pre's more than the product must be used thick film production, according to the thickness and shape of the forming parts number of typesetting: according to the product shape, size and shape, calculation of a version of the row of a die, cipher can reduce the quality of the products, the looser will increase the material loss, the rising cost of material attrition rate: the main factors for the product shape, product quantity and overall dimensions and vacuum molding machine chassis adaptation degree, shape Vietnam is, the greater the yield, the less the attrition rate

Material cost formula

Product material cost = 1 tons of raw material price / 1 ton raw material finished goods quantity 1 ton raw material finished goods quantity = 1 ton material length/blister template length X number of layout (100% - material attrition rate) 1 X tons raw material length = 1 tons/film thickness/width/material density (blister) chassis width in which the material density (PVC is 1.36 T/M3), blister chassis width (0.51 0.71 M), the length of the template, and other four parameters by professional experience to estimate the blister offer hard to quickly master,Only a few professionals are qualified to quote

Characteristics and application range of commonly used plastic absorbing materials

A, PVC sheet high toughness, not easy combustion, the combustion can be induced in chlorine gas, a certain effects on the environment, PVC heat sealing, can use sealing side of sealing machine and high frequency, is the production of transparent blister products the main raw material.PVC sheet is a kind of widely used and popular material, PVC film can be divided into two kinds of environmental protection and not environmental protection, can be made into a transparent, color, antistatic, gold-plated, flocking, etc all kinds of blister packaging products, the main characteristics of high transparency, good surface luster, crystal points less, small water lines, wide application, strong shock resistance, and easy to forming, the products are widely used in toys, food, electronics, medicine, electrical appliances, gifts, cosmetics, stationery, and other products packaging.Second, PS harddisk density is low, toughness is poor, easy to burn, when burning will produce styrene gas (a harmful gas), so it is commonly used for the production of various industrial plastic trays.PS plate is a new kind of environmental protection packaging materials developed in recent years, with its good thermal formability, good environmental protection performance and health performance, widely used in medicine, food, toys, electronic.3. PET hard films have good toughness and are new materials developed in recent years.With its good toughness, high strength, high transparency, and can be recycling use, easy to burn, burns does not produce harmful gases, belongs to the environmental protection material and clamp down on PVC, but the price is high.Suitable for high-grade blister products, blister blister of European and American countries generally require the use of PET materials, but its heat high melting point, bring great difficulty to high frequency packaging, in order to solve this problem, people on the PET surface composite layer of PVC film, named PETG, but the price higher.Mainly used for electronics, food, toys, color box window, collar support, footwear packaging, etc.The advantages are as follows: 1. Good transparency and smoothness, good display effect.3. It has good mechanical strength.4. Good barrier performance for oxygen and water vapor.5. Good chemical resistance, and can withstand the erosion of various chemical substances.6. Non-toxic, reliable and hygienic, it can be packaged with food, medicine and medical equipment, and it can be sterilized by Y ray.7. Good adaptability to environmental protection and economic and convenient recycling;When burning its wastes, no harmful substances will be produced.PET sheet is considered to be an ideal packaging material to meet (ROSH) environmental protection requirements.


Blister: a plastic processing technology, the main principle is to flat heat soft plastic plate material, adopts the vacuum adsorption on surface of mould, cooling after forming, is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.Blister packaging: the use of the blister process to produce plastic products, and the corresponding equipment for packaging products.Blister packaging products mainly include: bubble shell, tray, blister box, synonyms: vacuum cover, bubble cover, etc.Blister packaging equipment mainly includes: blister forming machine, punch press, sealing machine, high frequency machine, edge folding machine.Packaging products can be divided into: insert card, suction card, double bubble shell, half bubble shell, double bubble shell, triple bubble shell, etc.Blister case: the transparent plastic hard plate is made into the transparent plastic with a specific convex shape by using the blister process, which covers the surface of the product and plays the role of protecting and beautifying the product.Aka blister cover, vacuum tray: also called, within the plastic blister process will be specific grooves of the plastic plate made of plastics, the product into the slots, protect and beautify the role of the product.Flocking in tora: a blister tray of the use of special material, ordinary plastic plate on the surface of a layer of wool is qualitative material, making a velvet tray surface quality handle, used to improve the grade of packaging.Static resistance tray: is a special material used in the plastic tray, the material surface resistance value less than 10 to the 11th ohm.Mainly used for electronic, IT products of the blister tray.Blister mould: the mould used in blister production, the lowest cost is gypsum mould, the second is electroplating copper mould, the most expensive is aluminum mould.Die drilling holes, used for vacuum adsorbing hot hard pieces, forming plastic products.Blister forming: it is often said that the blister forming machine is used to absorb the heated and softened hard plastic sheet to the surface of the mould, and after cooling, it forms the concave and convex plastic.Blister cutting: the plastic product after blister forming is divided into a single product by a large sheet material with a knife die through a punching machine.Ruffled: blister packaging products packing, there is a name card in the need to use blister three edge folding machine folding to behind, so that in the encapsulation process, insert paper card ruffled, form the card packaging.Heat sealing: it is a kind of technology of blister sealing. The sealing machine is used to heat the paper card coated with blister oil and the bubble shell together to form the blister packaging.High frequency sealing: it is an absorbing and plastic sealing process. High frequency is produced by high frequency wave machine.Ultrasonic sealing: a vacuum encapsulation technology, ultrasonic ultrasonic machine, blister and blister together, forming double blister packing, and high frequency sealing the difference is that ultrasound can not only seal the PVC, PETG material, also can seal PET materials, and no electromagnetic damage to packaging products, especially suitable for the encapsulation of the electronic product;The disadvantage is that the ultrasonic sealing edge can only be spaced point, and usually only one straight edge at a time.

The main features

1) good protection.2) transparent and intuitive.3) easy to use.4) lightweight quality.