Introduce The Technique Of Choosing Printing Glue

- Jul 12, 2018-

A substance that binds two objects together.The following guangzhou printing plant for you to introduce the glue purchasing skills.

First, pour the glue over the flat glass to observe its rheology, and swing left and right to observe its rheology.Conclusion: the excessive flow of glue indicates that the glue is too thin.Poor fluidity, too thick is not conducive to adhesion.

Second, observe its viscosity with a touch of hand.Conclusion: it is better to pull the wire slowly and have a little sticky hand.

Then, pour on a small piece of glass and observe its film-forming time.Conclusion: about 1-2 minutes, the film forming time is better on the surface of glue.

Step 4: after the glue is basically solidified after the film is formed, dip your finger into the water and let it flow. Observe its cohesion.Conclusion: the glue melts quickly - the cohesion is poor.After pouring, the glue is turbid - filled.