Individualized Design Of The Plastic Box

- Dec 13, 2018-

The realization of the personalized design of packaging products mainly includes the following three aspects:

1. Different stages of development show different levels of maturity and different psychological characteristics. In order to summarize the development of human life, we can see people growing up from childhood, maturity and aging. The researcher's stage of development and different psychological needs help to create a new product personality.

2. Individuals with different levels of individuals and groups have different consumption needs and consumption patterns, and influence each other. Therefore, the design personality of new products examines the similarities and differences between them to increase the range of product adaptation and make certain products become individuals. The identity and identity of the team members.

3. The project from packaging function to development of personalized packaging product design. The direction of modern product development is to develop multi-functional and special functions, and to design new products with individuality.

The packaging design with diverse personality styles meets the market demand for product diversification. With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of science and technology, people not only need a large number of material products, but also need to match the spirit of enjoyment.