How To Pack The Overall Structure Of The Design To Better Integrate The Packaging With The Design

- Apr 25, 2018-

Packaging design must have aesthetic value. The beauty of design is the expression of design beauty. This is an aesthetic feature of lines, colors, etc., which can lead to the reproduction of beauty. The works are beautiful in form and perfectly embody the theme of design, making your packaging design more pleasing and giving people a sense of beauty.


Strengthen the overall layout and highlight the design theme

The ultimate goal of packaging design is to enhance the integrity of the layout, so that the page presents a clear, complete, orderly, clear, intuitive visual impact, highlight the theme, and achieve the best attractive effect.

In the design, we must ensure a true and reliable response. The integrity of the structure is not equal to all aspects of the design, so we should leave room to highlight the topic. Blanks play an important role in packaging design, which can ease the tension and complexity of the design. Highlight the topic, improve visual effects, help the flow of sight, and break boredom.

The overall layout of packaging design should have a certain perspective. According to the visual law studied by psychologists, the attraction of the upper picture is stronger than that of the lower one. Therefore, the usual view is placed in the center of the beveled layout to achieve a prominent theme. "Effect.

Sometimes, according to the needs of the design theme, arranging specific entry points on the screen will have novel visual communication, attractive attention and outstanding artistic effects.

Packaging design should not only focus on visual performance, but should pay attention to the consistency of the packaging surface lines, thus guiding people's sight, quickly, keenly, and accurately appreciate the theme of packaging design.

Combine symmetry with balance to maintain balance across the entire page

In the packaging design should take into account the visual sense of the overall layout of the balance, must be based on human visual psychological design, under normal circumstances, the requirements of the right side than professional requirements, so as to obtain a sense of visual balance.

Symmetry is widely used in packaging design, giving people a dignified, stable, orderly, tidy aesthetic, but there are negative or inflexible factors, there are also negative factors in the balance of instability.

In order to make up for the shortage of short supply, in the packaging design, they often combine the two to obtain the static and stability of the visual psychology.

Pursuit of creativity, outstanding personality, focus on emotion

Pursuit of creativity in packaging design, individual and unique performance, create a beautiful space environment, the pursuit of humor, hilarity, mystery and other forms to attract consumers, get rid of mediocrity, give design new life, produce a wonderful visual effect.

"Touch" is the principle of artistic creation and the principle of package design. Accurately conveying emotions, or being fresh and elegant, or passionate, or lively, or rigorous, is a higher level artistic expression of packaging design.

Packaging and layout should have proper proportions and dimensions

The proportion is the factor that should be possessed by the symmetry between elements, and it is the structural basis of art. Good composition has a proper proportion and size. There are several ideal ratios, the most typical of which is the “golden ratio”, which finds the greatest harmony in the shape of the packaging and the layout of the layout of the layout, showing a dynamic sense of beauty. Sometimes for visual effects, they will vandalism.The normal proportional relationship that draws attention.

In packaging design, we should pay attention to the contrast with restraint. The requirements are bright and not dazzling, harmonious and not plain.