How To Improve The Efficiency Of Employees In Plastic Box Factory

- Apr 25, 2018-

According to a foreign management research report, the actual work efficiency of employees is only 40% to 50% that they can achieve. In addition to having a clear job position and a good incentive policy, the management methods are also very important to improve employee productivity. The following are six very practical management methods:


1, choose the right person to make work decisions

When making decisions on work, employees with considerable technical capabilities or business abilities should be selected for decision-making. Some employees, due to lack of technology or experience, will make mistakes in their work when making decisions. If the direction is wrong, there is no point in doing more work.

2, give full play to the role of office equipment

A lot of work may have been delayed because of the breakdown of office equipment such as telephones and fax machines. Some companies do not have a fax machine. Sending and receiving a fax requires a long way to go. This naturally does not improve work efficiency.

3, sharing work results

Sometimes we will find that the work that oneself does may be done by other employees. Sometimes looking for some information, hard to find, and found that another employee had previously searched, if you consult him, you do not have to spend so much energy. Sharing employees' work results is a very important issue. This is particularly important for companies with more employees. Managers can use the internal office routines in the department to let everyone introduce their own work situation; in addition, some work results data should be properly classified and stored, which can achieve the purpose of sharing work results.

4, let employees understand all the work

Having employees understand the full extent of their work helps their overall understanding of the work. Employees can better align their work with the work of their colleagues. If an unexpected situation occurs in the work, employees can also do some maneuvering according to the overall situation, so as to improve the efficiency of the work.

5. Encourage work results rather than work process

When managers encourage employees, they should encourage the results of their work rather than the work process. Some employees work hard, and managers can praise him for this spirit, but they cannot serve as role models for other employees. Otherwise, other employees may complicate the original simple work, and even do some superficial articles to show their hard work and get praise. From the company's point of view, companies need employees who are more at ease in their work. Therefore, companies should encourage employees to use their simplest method to achieve their own work goals. In short, the results of the work are truly useful to the company.

6, the time to reflect on employees

Before the company does one thing, if the decision-making level does not think seriously, this matter will not be done very well. The same is true for employees. If managers do not give employees some time for thinking, it is difficult for them to do their jobs. Managers should encourage employees to work harder in their work and be diligent in thinking. Employees working with the brain must be more productive than those working with limbs.