How To Design The Integrity Of The PVC Plastic Box?

- Apr 29, 2018-

Following the pace of the tide, the function of the PVC plastic box has also changed dramatically. From the simple storage transport function to the plastic packaging box which focuses on the six elements of the vision, it is the shape, color, pattern, text design, composition and texture, respectively. Shape reflects the integrity of the box, color determines the image of the box, the pattern determines the attraction of the box, and the text directly reflects the essence of the product. The design of plastic boxes must be conceived at the same time in terms of shapes, colors and words to achieve a high consistency and complementary relationship, and to make the composition, color and text special, idealized and visualized to meet the practicality, beauty, low cost and competitiveness of the plastic boxes.

The excellent PVC plastic box has the following points:

1. Shelf impressions: good design can make products attractive to customers on the shelf.

2. Readability: the words on the package should be legible and legible.

3. Appearance design: the appearance design should be beautiful, striking, strong and elegant.

4, trademark impression: trademark should be concise and clear, which can leave a deep impression.

5, clear product characteristics: commodity function, characteristics, open packaging methods and matters needing attention should also be expressed in simple and clear pictures.

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