How To Design A Fine PVC Transparent Box?

- Apr 29, 2018-

The styling of the plastic box is designed to use aesthetics. At the same time, combining the changes of factors such as shape and color, an ordinary glue box is used to express the beauty of packaging and appearance in the visual form. Packaging not only meets consumers' aesthetic requirements in shape, but also needs basic product protection function, which has certain economic value. Secondly, packaging design, packaging design from the PVC transparent glue box protection structure, convenience, reusability and actual production conditions and other basic functions, the design of the packaging design on the basis of the external and internal structure of the internal structure of the scientific principle. Good structural design should be the main function of effective protection of goods; secondly, it should consider the convenience of carrying, displaying and transporting.

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Finally, packaging design, decorative design is the art of pattern, text, color, relief and other forms, highlight the characteristics of products and images, strive to produce, new patterns and shapes, clear, text, colorful decoration and beautification of products, in order to promote the sale of products. PVC transparent plastic box packaging decoration is a comprehensive science. It is both a practical art and an engineering technology. It is an organic combination of Arts and crafts and engineering technology, and it also considers marketing, consumer economics, consumer psychology and other disciplines.